Please note that Oil-Life Solutions does not price oil change service based on a flat rate.
Prices are based on the specific engine type.
Considering that many similar vehicles have different engines, we must price accordingly.  
Interval oil changes ,  oil type and capacity, filters and parts are strictly by the vehicle's owner manual.  Please go to your vehicle's owner manual for your own information. 
But rest assured that you will be getting the best deal around.
Below is a price list for oil up to 5 litres.
Original oil filter and air filter is additional due to the cost. 
  • Total, Castrol and Veedol Conventional:  5W20, 5W30,10W30
          $57.00   Additional Litre $5.40
  • Veedol US Synthetic:   0W20, 5W20 ,5W30
          $67.50  Additional Litre $7.50
  • Liqui Moly True Synthetic:  0W20
          $88.00  Additional Litre $11.60
  • Liqui Moly True Synthetic:   5W40 Top Tec 4100 
         $92.60  Additional Litre $12.52
  • Liqui Moly True Synthetic:   5W30 Top Tec 4605, Top Tec 4200
          $107.80  Additional Litre $15.56
Because there is not substantial difference in price between conventional oil and (US) Synthetic, we do not offer semi synthetic.  
Example on a 5 litres capacity, the difference is ($2.10 X 5 = ) $10.50
You will pay just the difference in the oil price which is only $10.50
When it comes to true synthetic which is what is known as European Formula the price
starts from $11.60 per litre, here you will find oil changes in the range of $110.00  and up.
  • Environmental and shop supply includes On-site Service Fee per vehicle from $5.00 up to $10.00 depending on kilometres travel and vehicles to be service. 
  • Tire Rotation $40.00 

  • Tire Rotation and balance $95.00

  • Tire swap over up to 19" rim $100.00
  • Tire swap over 20" and 21" $120,00
  • Windshield Chip Repairs done with Maxim™ Windshield Repair System $45.00 for the first chip and $25.00 for any additional chip on the same windshield. 

  • No charges for second chip with an oil change or tires swap.
  • Discounts are available for large fleets.  Please contact us for information.

  • For quotes on servicing your fleet please contact us with your fleet information.